Monday, March 24, 2014

AbbyDay Postponed 'til the Weed Tree Mystery is SOLVED!

I maaaaed to you yesterday that there was a Mystery on the Happy Goats Farm!
Our favorite Weed Tree had DISAPPEARED!

When I went to visit it yesterday - it was gone!
I checked again today and it was STILL gone.
Not that I thought it would re-appear but.....

Who stole our Weed Tree?
Inquiring goats want to know!

I decided to look into this mystery!
InvestigatorGoat Pricilla is now ON THE JOB!
I discovered something while I was seeking the missing tree.
It's true! I would not lie.
Strange pieces of tree were in the goat pens.

There was a big piece of some kind of tree in the girls' pen.
They seemed to enjoy it.

There was a big piece in the wethers' pen.
Rudy the goat was giving it "what for."

There was a piece in my studmuffin's pen.
He was guarding it.
I do not know why.

There was even a piece in my special outside the pen area!

(at least they were even handed in how they broke it up)

Why would someone do that?
And who?
Who would do such a thing to our beloved Weed Tree?

Don't worry!
I will find out!
I am a super InvestigatorGoat.
I will have answers!

To be continued.....


  1. OH NOES!!! We hope the super-delicious weed tree will be replaced...and that you get to the very bottom of this mystery!

  2. I wish I could make a certain *someone* disappear just like the weed tree!
    ; ) Katie

  3. Maybe the mystery can be solved in the tree's name - if it's a "weed" tree, maybe some humans thought it was expendable.

  4. And the mystery continues. This is fun. Maybe that weed tree had to go to the bridge. RIP Weed Tree. Maybe some babies will pop up. You just never know. Hope all of you have a great day.

  5. the plot thickens! the tree thins...

  6. Weed trees often spawn baby weed trees even when all hope seems lost. Do not be discouraged.

  7. we are glad you are on the job (maybe after a snack)....seems strange to steal the tree and hack it up though

  8. How odd that whoever stole the weed tree left pieces behind in all those places! Maybe if it's like other weeds, it'll regrow really, really soon!

  9. Well, maybe that wicked person is going to be getting you a NEW weed tree or something even TASTIER?? Do you think? Cause otherwise, I think they need to be arrested.

  10. I'm glad you are investigating who made the weed tree disappear & them broke it up into pieces? Is the tree itself as tasty as the leaves you once nibbled from it;s branches Pricillia? Everyone must be sad that the delicious weed tree leaves are only a sweet memory now.Who would do such a dastardly thing? If anyone can discover the truth about what happened to your beloved weed tree, you can Pricillia. If you need help in your snooping around,,,, I mean investigation, perhaps Sherpa could do some investigating inside the yurt and see if he hears the Publicist and her man talk about the weed tree. Sherpa is a pretty good snoop too - for a cat that is. Have fun interrogating any suspects you find & save any evidence you find (before it all gets nomed up). I cannot imagine who would get rid of your favorite weed tree, so I will be sitting on the edge of my seat to hear what you find out. Good luck Investigatorgoat Pricillia. You have made excellent progress towards finding the culprit.

  11. Whoa! Someone deliberately raided your farm and uprooted your favorite tree? I’m thinking HHGutt. If the Publicist’s hubby did it, he better replace it with something even better.


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