Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Labor Day from All of Us on the Farm

All of us here hope you have a very Happy Labor Day.
The publicist and the male person will be butchering chickens.
They will most assuredly be laboring.

I will be enjoying some tasty corn husks.
You will note I have a full bowl.
That will not last for long!

I was very happy when the male person labored in the garden to pick his corn.
The publicist said it was very sweet.
Of course you humans are pretty silly.
You don't eat the best parts.

For example, you don't eat the cob!
What is up with that?
I loves me some cob.
Nom, nom, nom.

I hope that none of you labor too hard today.
Enjoy your holiday and your barbecues.

Be like Harry the Farm cat.
Sleep like no one is watching.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Farm Cat Friday, Erm Saturday - Sherpa Shows He Knows How to Relax

Hi everyone.
Sherpa the Farm cat here.
I am chillaxin'
I am very good at it.

I know it is Saturday, not Friday but we are a day late because of Sparkle's Memorial. I hope you all went and left a comment. Pricilla went and represented all of us.

I like to sit on the publicist's bench and see what goes by. I never know what I might find.
Is that a birdie?
I am not allowed to have birdie.
The publicist yells at me.

Is that a mousie?
I am encouraged to catch mousies!
I guess I am not really relaxing, am I?

Well somecat has to keep an eye on things around this Farm.
And that cat is ME!

In fact I think it's time for me to do a walkabout.
I have to make sure that everything is safe and sound
And I am going to find that mousie.
Mmmmm, mousie.


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