Thursday, July 24, 2014

Catastic Event, Day 6: Guest Post from HHGutt from The Stunning Keisha and a Commentathon for AniMeals

Today is a very special day. For two reasons! It is the publicist's birthday and we are celebrating by having a commentathon to help out our friends at AniMeals in Missoula!  Isn't that great? We are also very lucky to have HHGutt here from the blog Stunning Keisha and she is going to share a tale of a REVOLT. I do not think they are happy with CK right now. To thank her for posting today the publicist is making a donation to A Call 4 Paws Animal Rescue.

But first Stinky the Farm cat is a little taken aback. It seems she didn't believe me when we were meowing this morning.

Stinky! It is not polite to be shocked at the publicist's advanced age. She can't help it. Do I have to remind you that you are no spring chicken yourself?

Sometimes I wonder about things around this Farm. I will try and keep Stinky in line while you enjoy the guest post.

Erm. Without further ado please welcome HH Gutt with SOS - Save Our Stuffies!

HHGutt, the author

Buenos días! I’m honored and delighted that Pricilla Presley Goat, AbbyGoat Lane and the Farm Cats invited me–HHGutt—to guest post during their hugo Catastic Event. “Stunning” Keisha is taking a siesta and couldn’t be bothered.

I’m going to fill you in on what’s going on in El Condo de Gato Guapo (The Handsome Cat’s Condo) since she censors what goes into the blog Stunning Keisha. There has been some very disturbing events commandeered by her which wound up with any and all stuffies being expulsados  or I believe you say tossed aside.

Happier times

CK has always been aggressive but she became particularly aggressive toward her Pop this year. Every opportunity she got, she’d attack him. Quite incidentally this started when I returned from Vegas. I went to live in Pop’s room which made CK insanely jealous. She’d visit him at night just to bite him and then leave. I tried to protect him but she was too fast.

HHGutt in exile

Mrs K who CK calls TW messaged CK’s vet to discuss putting CK on Prozac or some calming meds. They discussed Comfort Zone, Essential Oils and Rescue Remedy as well. TW decided to start with the least invasive one for CK. Her and Dr. D decided CK was acting out of misplaced aggression cos she was scared jealous of us stuffies.

It’s a crime the way we’ve been tossed aside and not looked at. We’re just collecting dust and dirt and no one’s cares about us. The kicker here is even though CK did get calmer for a few weeks, she up to her old tricks again. I think it’s that new pillow on the bed.

CK mocking the stuffies that have been banished from the bed

If you’re friends with CK on Facebook, Twitter or can leave a blog comment, please tell her to give amnesty to all stuffies and let us back on the beds again. She has blocked me and mis amigos Mexicano from commenting. Por favor y muchas gracías. Enjoy your day. ¡VIVA EL STUFFIES!

Notice the stuffies in the background

CK: ZZzzzzz … what the hiss just happened??

Can you believe this is going on? Such a terrible event! Be sure to stop by and give HHGutt all the support you can!

On the publicist's blog today you will find a surprise birthday giveaway of Pricilla's soap 

Now for the commentathon! To celebrate the publicist's many, many, many, many many, many,many, many ALL RIGHT ALREADY! - the publicist!

Ah hem. To celebrate the publicist's birthday we are having a commentathon for AniMeals in Missoula! For every comment made she will donate $1 to the group (up to $150) so let's make her spend her green papers, OK? One comment per ID....let's have fun!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Catastic Event, Day 5 - Harry the Farm Cat Shows You How a Farm Cat Lounges on a Peach Industries Cat Lounger

I am sure you know by now that I am one cool Farm cat.
Since I am the BEST mousie hunter on the Farm - not to mention gopher hunter - the publicist makes sure that I am TAKEN CARE OF.

As you all know I was the very lucky cat who won the superb Peach Industries cat lounger when Waffles and Katie had a giveaway a while ago. The publicist thought we would share it - and I will admit that I do sometimes let Sherpa lounge - it is MY lounger. I took possession the minute it arrived and it has been mine ever since.

The very nice people at Peach Industries sent me a spiffy new hammock for my lounger so I now have two - that means that when one is in the wash I don't lose any important lounging time! In the past when I was a poor cat with only one hammock I had to wait endlessly for it to be washed and then dried. There was NO LOUNGING during that eternity. The horror!

My new hammock is a stunning deep amethyst color that complements my furs. The weather has been so lovely lately that I ordered requested my slave the publicist to take it outside so that I could enjoy the warm sun. (Do I have the life or WHAT?)

What is so wonderful about this lounger is that if you want to get out of the sun you can simply lie underneath for a bit. There is plenty of room.

The Peach Industries cat loungers are also VERY well constructed. It holds me quite comfortably, it holds Sherpa who is heavier. It holds the BOTH OF US and I'd be willing to bet it would hold a doggie! It was so easy to put together the publicist did it. ALL BY HERSELF. And trust me, she is hopeless when it comes to putting things together. Sometimes she can't even fold a box!

If you go and visit the Peach Industries Website you will find regular cat loungers like mine and the new and exciting mini cat loungers. I keep meowing to the publicist that we need to get another one but she looks at me and says - where in the devil would be put it Harry? There is no floor space. You can share.

Do you believe this? Share? I can't believe she expects me that a mousie? Gotta run, when I see a mousie I am ON THE JOB!

If you want to lounge in the most comfortable way I suggest you get yourself a Peach Industries cat lounger. You can also find ParkIt Mats for the doggies in your life. Although my friend Waffles has one and he takes it on picnics in the park!

You can shop at Peach Industries and please follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
We do!

Be sure to head over to the publicist's blog to read a fun Guest Post from Isabella and Angel from Beaded Tail.


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