Monday, January 12, 2015

The Tree-t Goes On

Well, to maaaa you the truth the tree-t is gone but the publicist didn't use the photos fast enough so I'm still catching up. We ate that tree-t FAST,

It was yummy.
We wish we had more.
But there is only as much as there is.

I must maaaa that Harley the goat truly enjoyed his very first tree-t.
He got right into it.

He doesn't even let the presence of AbbyGoat stop him from nomming on tree-t
That really maaaas something.
I don't mess with her....

His nanny soon came to make sure Abby wasn't messing with him.
That tree-t sure sees a lot of action!

I will have a big announcement about the blog tomorrow so be sure to stop by.


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