Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Favorite Posts: How I Came to Live on the Happy Goats Farm

As I mentioned in my retirement announcement I will be finishing out my last week of blogging by reminding you of some of my favorite posts from my 5 years of writing. I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane:

I realize that many of you may wonder how I came to live on the Happy Goats Farm. I wasn't born here; in fact, I don't remember where I was born. I do remember where I was immediately before my current home. It was a beautiful place full of goats, chickens, horses and llamas. Then one day my publicist put me and Abigail in a truck and took us for a ride. This is how I, and Abigail of course, came to be at the Happy Goats Farm. But, I will admit, I was not a Happy Goat at first. I missed my old farm. I missed my old publicist. I did not know this new publicist; and let's just say she was VERY unpracticed at being owned by goats and leave it at that. It was a very pretty place but it was not MY place.

I will be honest. I kept escaping from my pen. I know this was frustrating for my new people but I was just afraid and it was all so new. This does, though, lead to a funny tale: one night I escaped and Abigail joined me. We started running, running, running until we reached the end of the farm. We turned right thinking to head back to our old home. I ran, Abigail ran, our new male person ran, the publicist ran and the family cats ran. All down the road in a row. Until I was distracted by some tasty weeds on the side of the road. My appetite allowed me to be caught and brought back to the farm. I will admit I did this several more times; one night the horses across the street also escaped and were running the other way. This is how I met the neighbors...

Obviously I have adjusted to life on the Farm and am now a very Happy Goat. Otherwise I wouldn't have my current job and I love my job! How many goats do you know that are so gainfully employed?

I wanted you to see what I get to see when I am grazing so I have posted a photo of my view. This is a winter view - it is much nicer in the spring and summer.*

*Originally posted 1/15/09


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