Monday, December 22, 2014

We Got A Special Present

We did - well, I did anyway.
Would you like to see what it is?

Can you guess?
It's very special and I can't believe she sent it to me,
It smells so very STUNNING.

Can you guess now?
Yes, that is right - Stunning Keisha sent me some of her furs!
With a card.

This cannot be good.
They are for me - not you Sherpa.

They were mine.
The publicist told me I had to share.
I do not understand why.

They were obviously for me.
What could CK see in that big orange lump?

I am far more handsome.
I can feed her - I catch gophers.
I would even give her the brains.

Oh well.
Thank you Cathy Keisha for the card and the furs.
I will cherish them always.
As soon as I get them back from Sherpa.


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