Thursday, December 25, 2014

So, Did you Have a Good Holiday?

We certainly enjoyed ours.
It rained all day on Christmas Eve.
We spent the day in the barn.

Harry the Farm cat spent the day sleeping.
I can't say I blame him.

But I guess the big question is, did we have a White Christmas?

.....sort of.
There was maybe an inch of snow on the ground.
I am not sure this counts as an OFFICIAL White Christmas.

But it was enough for me to be a snowgoat!
At least for a little while.
The snow was all gone by the afternoon but the publicist tells me that very cold weather is coming.

It was a very nice Christmas day.
Sherpa had fun.
But then Sherpa always has fun.

He played with wrapping paper.

And he played in boxes.
He could not have been happier.

We did get apples!
They were very tasty.
The kids have learned that.

It will never be the same around here again.
They are VERY greedy.

We all hope you had as nice a day as we did.


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