Friday, December 5, 2014

Santa Paws Drive is ON!

I have some exciting news.
Santa Paws Drive is ON!
I know I maaaaed to you that it was not on and that the Farm cats were doing the Santa Kitty Toy Hop. Well, they Farm cats are still doing the Santa Kitty Toy Hop but Santa Paws Drive is happening too! But in a different way:

Instead of raising money to send to 6 different shelters they are raising money to rescue kitties! That's right! The Farm cats think this is a brilliant idea. They are all for kitties finding forever homes just like they have.

You can make donations for supplies or to save kitties. Santa Paws drive is happy to welcome any amount you can afford to give. This got the Farm cats thinking. This got the Farm cat conspiring. Conspiring Farm cats can be dangerous.

They sat on the publicist and would not let her type on the computer until she made a donation.
And so she did.
She paid to rescue a kitty.

Sherpa is still sitting on her though.

So if you can check out this year's Santa Paws Drive and make a donation. You can also follow them on Facebook to keep up with what is going on.


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