Monday, December 15, 2014

I am on the LOOKOUT - Part II

Harry the Farm cat here again. Yesterday you saw that I was being a very vigilant cat.

I was on the LOOKOUT and I saw something.
Was it my our Secret Paws package or was it a mousie?

It was the Secret Paws Package!
It came from Sometimes Cat Herd You
The publicist says she knows what that is about.
I wonder what she means?
Just because there are four of us and two of them....

Just look at all of these presents for me, erm us!
Can you believe it?
I couldn't.

In fact I started to play with the toys before the publicist even got them all unwrapped.
Do not tell the male person - I am not allowed on the table.
You cannot see it but I am sniffing a 'nip Nanner.
Mmmmm, it smells so good.
Funny thing - I have not seen it since. Sherpa ran off with it.

There were also lots of balls. We Farm cats love to play with sparkle balls.
The publicist says she finds them EVERYWHERE.
That means we are doing our job.

There was also a verrrrrry tasty donut.
It was flavored with nip.
It came with a cookie and jelly beans also made of felt. They were stolen by Stinky.

Just look at all of the fun stuff those wonderful Covered in Cat Hair Cats sent!
You see my favorite treats - Thank you so very much.

There was even something for the publicist.
She was so touched. It's perfect.
She LOVES it!

There was one more thing.
In some ways it was the best thing of all.
You cats know what it is!

It had excellent tissue paper in it.

It was just the right size for me.
Even though Sherpa and Stinky tried to horn in on my box time.

The box was MINE.
I, erm WE really thank you for all of these really cool goodies. Pumpkin especially enjoyed the sparkle balls but he is not one for being in the photos. The publicist adores her goat pin. All of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I need to make an announcement - THE PUBLICIST IS TOTAL AND COMPLETE IDIOT.
Sherpa hid the beautiful card that came with the package and she couldn't remember where it came from and she remembered wrongly so she thanked the wrong cats at first.
She has fixed it.

She is hanging her head in shame
As she should.
I will give her the back of disrespect for a WHOLE WEEK to punish her.
Stupid woman.

So we cats thank the cats from Sometimes Cats Herd You for our beautiful presents. And we will take care of the publicist.


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