Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Time for a Laugh

I am a giggling goat.
Would you like to know why?
I am sure you would!

Image courtesy Cat Catastrophes

I have learned of a new series of funny movies on YouTube starring kitties called  Cat Catastrophes
Many of the kitties in the web series are available for adoption so they movies help to highlight these adorable kitties looking for their forever homes.

This new movie is called Super Smash Brothers Kitten Edition and it stars the adorable little kitten above among others. Hey goats can like watching movies! Goats can laugh! You watch the movie and tell me that you don't find the kitties adorable.....

Well, what did I maaaaa you?
Was that not fun?
You want a flying kitten now don't you?

I don't even want to maaaa to you about how the publicist reacted. It's too embarrassing.
If you have any friends that like kitties and like laughing be sure to tell them about Cat Catastrophes. They will thank you.


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