Friday, November 28, 2014

Three Pieces of News

1. The publicist FAILED. She was so busy and then so tired she forgot to let the Farm cats write their post last night and so there was nothing new on the blog yesterday. That had NEVER happened before. Don't worry. We all yelled at her. I do not think it will ever happen again.

2. Yesterday was Black Cat Friday so the publicist looked for a picture of her first cat, Bart. She had Bart back in the days when you had to print pictures so she doesn't have too many of him. But she did find this one and she put it on Facebook but she thought she would share it here too. Bart was a big, friendly 22 pounds of cat. He was not fat, he was just really BIG.

He was a stray cat that wandered into her heart. He had the patience of a saint because the publicist kept bringing in new kittens as she tried to place all of the ferals she rescued. He even didn't mind the new cats that became part of the family. He died of tail cancer a week after the publicist's mother so it was not good timing. She still misses him very much.

3. We mailed our Secret Paws! We won't say to whom or to where because IT'S A SECRET! We hope our recipient likes what we picked out.

We hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving. Stinky had some turkey but she is the only kitty who likes it.


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