Friday, November 14, 2014

The Kid Report

Harley and Nick the goats play together every day.
It's very cute.
It's something this old goat likes to watch.

The leap and hop and run and jump.
They butt heads.
It reminds me of when I was young and fancy free.

It also does my little goat heart good to see Harley just being a kid.
We were all so worried about him and now it's like nothing was ever wrong.
He will grow up to be a strong little wether.

He is even showing signs of being BIGGER than Nick!
He is, after all, a week older and he is a single where Nick is a twin.
The publicist has the three little kids in one pen at night now so they keep each other warm in the bitter cold weather. She says they make a kid pile with Nora on the bottom. Isn't that cute?

Obviously Nora is not suffering from this.
I think those boys are doing a good job of keeping her warm.
Warm is good.


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