Sunday, November 30, 2014


Does my studmuffin look like Frosty the SnowGoat?
I think he does.

He was not so very happy about the change in weather.
None of us were really.
We much prefer it dry.

I hid in my goathouse.
I am no fool.
Can you even see me?
I am in there. I promise!

Those other goats were crazy.
They waited outside for the publicist.
She was getting the barn ready.
But if you ask me, why wait out in the cold snow if you have a dry goathouse?

Nora the goat seems to have learned this lesson early.
I have great hopes for her.
She is showing signs of being as smart as her great grandnanny.

Unlike a certain AbbyGoat.
Who ended up with a white coat.
Silly AbbyGoat!


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