Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's Rumba Time

It was crazy time around the Farm this weekend!
Thelma, Louise, Abby AND Bernadette were all wagging their tails for Luke the goat!
The publicist said she couldn't handle all of those goat hormones.
Poor Luke.
AbbyGoat is retired.
Thelma and Louise just had kids.

What was a studmuffin to do?

I know!
As much as it pained me, he danced the rumba with Bernadette.

The publicist let the little tail wagging hussy into his pen.
At first she played hard to get.

Then she played harder to get.
It was her first time dancing the rumba.
I think she will make a good nanny.
Assuming all went well with the dance.

Luke was a good instructor.
He has danced a lot of rumbas.
He knows the steps.

So keep your hooves crossed that there will be kids come April!


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