Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Wish I May....

Bernadette the goat here.
I have not spent much time on the blog.
I am shy.
I know I am supposed to be the next Famous SpokesGoat but I am not sure I want to be.
I am not sure I have the star power that Pricilla has.

I might just want to be a quiet nanny like Thelma and Louise are.
Living on the Farm, taking care of my kids.
Hopefully I will have a kid or two come April.
I'm not maaaaing you will have to wait and see.

Maybe I will let Nora the goat be the next Famous SpokesGoat.
Maybe I won't.
What do you think?
Do YOU think I am cute enough to be a Famous SpokesGoat?
Do I have "it?"

When I ask my great grandnanny Pricilla she just looks at me and smiles.
Is this good or baaaaad?


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