Thursday, November 13, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - The Farm Cats Have Running Water

The Farm cats received a fountain for free. Their opinions are their own.

Sherpa the Farm cat here.
Do you see what I have?
It's a Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain in the brand new Himalayan Blue color.
You are jealous.
I know it.
I think the blue looks lovely against my furs.

Harry the Farm cat seems very zen about it doesn't he?
Sometimes he just sits and watches the water flow through the charcoal filter.
It makes the water taste very good.

The publicist actually put it together herself!
This tells me that it must be pretty simple to do as the publicist is rather hapless when it comes to assembling things.
We like having all of this moving water to take our drinks. Did you know that we cats need about an ounce of water per pound of weight a day?

It's true and it's nice when the water comes in such a pretty fountain.
Even Stinky and Pumpkin like it but the publicist made noises about their using it when she was "indisposed" and without her camera.

This beautiful fountain is available from PetSafe for $99.99 and you can find it HERE
It is also available in red and white.

Harry meows that he is glad we have the blue one.
He likes blue.
Even though he is color blind.

Here is some exciting news! The publicist is giving one of these Drinkwell Pagoda Fountains in Himalayan Blue away on her blog! Just ENTER HERE

It's good for doggies too!


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