Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Blast from My Past

The publicist got a box in the mail the other day.
Why is this important?
Because inside the box was something I have not eaten in a long time.
What you ask?

I had almost forgotten how much I loved them.
But I heard the crinkle of the bag and I knew exactly what she had.

You see, on my old farm when the publicist there needed to erm, catch my attention she would do it by shaking a bag of chips and I would come a'running! The publicist here gives me apples so I haven't had a potato chip in seven years. But I remembered, oh I remembered the delicious taste of those crispy treats.

Guess what?
The publicist let me have some chips!

She spoils me, doesn't she?
Oh, they were as good as I remembered.
She let me have MORE THAN ONE!

She was a bit of tease with the chips.
I don't know about that publicist.
But I didn't care. I came running.
My little legs actually RAN.
That is how much I like chips.

When I came down the next day I looked all over for the box the chips came in but it was gone.
The publicist said that between the two of us we had eaten them all. I was sad. But then I let myself dream about the chips I had eaten.

And I was a happy goat once again.
Those chips were so good.
Thank you publicist for the treat.


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