Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We're Glad Pricilla Took the #AppleBucketChallege

Do you want to know why?
Although I suspect you can figure it out.
That's right!

'Cause we got apples too!
The publicist would NEVER just give apples to one goat.
She would make sure we ALL got some.

And she did.
She even made sure Bernadette got some.

Poor Bernadette. All the goats pick on her like they pick on Pricilla.
There was only one big problem.
Alex the goat.
He kept butting the publicist to get her to feed him!
She was not happy.
So she locked him up in a pen.

But he still got apples.
She does spoil us!
She just does not like to get butt.

I do not blame her.
Although for some reason she says that I am "pushy."
Just because I am an erm, assertive goat does not mean I am pushy!

Is it wrong to like apples!
ALL of us like them.

Especially Luke the goat.
The publicist had to count her fingers after she fed him.
He gets very excited about apples.

So we thank Waffles for challenging Pricilla.
If you want to see her #IceBucketChallenge #AppleBucketChallenge you can check it out HERE

Thanks Pricilla for taking the challenge.
All of us thank you!.
You're our hero.


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