Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Harley and Nick Play Together

The publicist has decided the new goats are Nick and Nora.
She is a fan of old movies.
And of her friend Nora.

I was watching the little ones play.
From the other side of the gate.
The publicist one let me in because Thelma was butting me.
The publicist did not think this was good for me.
She was probably right.
But I do wish I could be in there with the little ones.

Harley is actually a little bit smaller than Nick even though he is a week older!
He is very intrigued by these new little playmates

Louise made sure that Harley didn't play too rough.
He's been around a bit longer and his little legs are stronger.

Harley! What are you doing?
Nick is not a jungle gym.

Little Nora isn't as active as Nick.
Harley  did try to get her to play too.
But she was napping.

Quite soundly.

Are you alive there Nora?
Sheesh Thelma - she just wants to nap a bit!

I think it's going to be fun around here this winter.
What do you think?


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