Thursday, September 25, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Who Cares About Kids

Harry the Farm cat here.
I can't believe all of the fuss over those silly goat kids.
What's it all about anyway?
It's not like they are kittens.

You can see I am not fussing.
I am napping.
The publicist gets all silly when I nap.
I have no idea why.

She makes funny noises and says I'm so very cute.
It tends to wake me up.
I don't like this.

But back to those baby goats.
Are they really cuter than I am?
They can't come into the yurt and cuddle up to the publicist like I can.

So I would think she would prefer me to them.
She seems to like it when I do this.

I sit with her like this every night when she is on her computer.
No silly little goat kid can do that.

But then this does sometimes happen.
The publicist might or might not get clawed.
(I'm sorry it's fuzzy. It was low light and we were moving a lot.)

The publicist does like her peace.
Maybe that's why she likes those little goats.
They sleep at night.


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