Thursday, September 18, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - The Short Tailed Weasel: The Rest of the Story

You will recall that we had a visitor to the Farm. A short tailed weasel. The publicist learned of his visit when she heard him (her?) calling loudly - CHIP! CHIP! CHIP!

After she put Harry the Farm cat in the house the little weasel took off from under the steps. The publicist thought he had left but the male person saw Harry acting all crazy in the yurt so he looked out of the windows and he saw....

....the weasel in the big umbrella that shades the outside table!
What was he doing there?
Silly weasel! This is not the way home!

The male person scared him so he ran behind the wood box.
The male person told the publicist that he was still around so the poor weasel had paparazzi all over the place taking his picture. I am not sure he appreciated it.

He also had an audience who wanted to do more than take his photo.....
The poor little weasel didn't know which way to turn.

He looked out to see what which way might be best.
But every time he moved he heard, click click click.
Now he knows how I feel!
It's hard to be a star.

So he sat and thought.
And thought and sat.

Then he stuck his head out a little bit.

And a little bit more of him came out.
But then something scared him and he dashed back behind the wood box!
Poor little weasel.

But he is cute.
Isn't he?
The publicist likes his little pink nose.

Just as the male person was heading back into the yurt he came all the way out!
He was about seven inches long.

He dashed away somewhere.
We haven't seen - or heard - him since.

So thank you little weasel for visiting and giving us some excitement on the Farm.


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