Thursday, September 4, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa Is On Patrol

Every day Sherpa does his rounds.
He heads out onto the deck and he surveys his domain.

He is very enthusiastic about his work.
He is determined that no mousie, gopher, snake, lizard, bunny or chipmunk will get past him.

He knows that if he doesn't keep his eyes out those critters might wreak havoc.
And that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN when Sherpa the Farm cat is on the scene.

Is that a mousie?
Or is it a gopher?
I'd better get a closer look!

This is what Sherpa does best!
Oh, it was just grasshoppers!
I'll leave them for the chickens.
And for Stinky the Farm Cat. She likes chasing grasshoppers.

I'll look for bigger prey!
I know it's out there.
It won't get past me!

I'm Sherpa the Farm cat.
I'm On The Job!


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