Thursday, September 11, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - The Farm Cats Taste a New Food

Product provided.

The Farm cats were sent a box. It was full of food.
Cat food from a company called "I and love and you"
Natural kibble and grain free canned food and freeze dried treats.
Harry gave it a thorough sniff test.

Erm, and taste test.
He approved.

In fact it was a crowded taste testing.
They went back and forth between the kibble and the natural canned cat food.
Fortunately no fights ensued.

Stinky stayed the longest of all the cats. She never passes up a meal.
She is one smart Farm cat!

Pumpkin checked it all out.
Pumpkin is the world's fussiest cat. He eats something like two foods. But never the same two foods.
He drives the publicist mad.

Maybe next week he will like this food but for now three out of four Farm cats like the "I and love and you" food very much. The publicist did note though that none of them liked the freeze dried
cat treats. Who knows what is up with them?

Given the fussiness of Pumpkin the publicist considered this a very successful taste testing. When three out of four Farm cats like a certain food she does a happy dance. It's not easy keeping that many kitties happy.

"I and love and you" has this to say:

We’re committed to helping you with the best food + love part (you’re on your own with the costumes). Every one of our products meets rigorous ingredient standards and has been formulated by our holistic veterinarian. And not only do we promise to be good to your pets, but as a green company, we also promise to be good to our planet.

They are a company that wants to make both you and your kitties and doggies happy. Yes, they make dog food and treats too!

You can see everything they have to sell on their website:

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