Monday, September 22, 2014

BREAKING NEWS!!!! A Doe is Born on the Farm

The publicist almost fell out of her shoes!
It's true.
I would not lie.

Thelma the goat had twins and ONE OF THEM IS A DOE!
You know by now that we have not seen many does born on this Farm.

So I give you my great grandkids.
They don't have names yet.
The publicist is mulling several possibilities.

This is the buckling.
He was born first.
He is as big as Harley the goat!

This is the doeling.
She is ALMOST as big as Harley the goat.

Thelma is a very nervous nanny.
She is licking, licking, licking.

That or she is telling the publicist to stuff it.
One or the other.

You decide.


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