Friday, September 26, 2014

A New Treat for Us

Do I look happy to you?
I am!
Do you want to know why?

The publicist brought us a new treat.
She said they are "plums."
We had never had these plums before.
They are very tasty.

Alex the goat was most enthusiastic.
He REALLY liked the plums.
Do you see his eyes?
They are lighting up!

Of course AbbyGoat got her fair share.

Bernadette got a little pushy.
She BUTT the publicist!
She was not happy about this.
But the publicist still gave her some plums.

Thelma and Louise liked them too!
They need all the energy they can get with chasing those kids around.

The publicist didn't forget Luke the goat.
While she was feeding him you will never guess what happened!

It was certainly her day to get butt.
My heavens.

Of course she gave him another piece of plum.
We are, if nothing, spoiled.

I hope we see these plums again.
I really liked them.


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