Friday, August 15, 2014

Those Other Goats Think They Beet Me Out

Those other goats think they have something over on me.
They think that since I got my greens first that their beet greens will last longer.
They are not too smart, are they.

I don't really care about those does but doesn't my studmuffin look cute?
I could watch him eating greens all day long.
You can't have him - he's mine!

Of course AbbyGoat hogged had her share
She never misses a treat!

Louise is eating for two (or three?) so the publicist made sure she got her fair share.
A soon to be nanny goat needs her vitamins!

Poor little Bernadette.
She is low goat in the pen so the others pick on her.
She had to run and hide to get her greens
But the publicist made sure she had her very own pile.

Don't worry about Thelma the goat either. She had a nice big pile too.
The publicist just didn't get any good pictures of her.

I wonder what will come out of the garden next?


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