Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Want THAT Piece

Since things are drying up there is not much around to eat around here but hay.
The publicist has been giving us plenty of yummy hay to munch.
I am glad that I have my own hay bucket because those other goats are a little crazy.

You don't believe me?

AbbyGoat and Louise were sharing the hay bucket in their pen.
I know this is rather shocking.
AbbyGoat usually does not share anything.
But Louise had been there first.

They seemed to be doing just fine.
Eating almost peacefully together.
But then they seemed to want the exact same piece of hay!

It got a little ugly.
You see AbbyGoat's furs?
She was a little mad.
Then she got a lot mad.

THAT is not nice AbbyGoat!
But it IS AbbyGoat.
Isn't it?


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