Thursday, August 7, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - The Publicist Took a Trip Off of the Farm

Would you like to know where she went?
She went to AniMeals to drop off all of the fun stuff that was collected from the Catastic Event!
The male person told her the ONLY way he would take her was if she PROMISED to not bring home another cat.

The meany.

She reluctantly agreed. But she was NOT happy. Especially when she was greeted at the door by this pretty boy:

He came right up to her and let her pick him up and everything!
The publicist said he was very soft.

They dropped the food and other goodies off on the counter and everyone at the shelter was very happy to receive it. As you can see it was soon appropriated.

This is Kiki. Apparently Kiki is in charge of food inventory. She was also very friendly. She did not move from that bag of food for the whole time the publicist stayed at AniMeals! I do hope she shares!

The publicist had a fun time visiting all of the kitties  They had lots of toys and places to play which made her happy but they did not have forever homes which made her sad.

She found a couple of  cuties that could be Harry cousins.
Truth be told she wanted to bring them ALL home.

The male person just said, "AH-HEM!"

All in all the people at AniMeals were very happy with the food, fuzzy blanket, $75 Amazon GC, kitty litter from Precious Cat and thanks to all of you who participated in the Commentathon a $50 check.

The publicist will hopefully go back soon with some more food for the kitties.
Who knows what she might come home with - BWAHAHAHAHA


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