Friday, August 29, 2014

Farm Cat Friday, Erm Saturday - Sherpa Shows He Knows How to Relax

Hi everyone.
Sherpa the Farm cat here.
I am chillaxin'
I am very good at it.

I know it is Saturday, not Friday but we are a day late because of Sparkle's Memorial. I hope you all went and left a comment. Pricilla went and represented all of us.

I like to sit on the publicist's bench and see what goes by. I never know what I might find.
Is that a birdie?
I am not allowed to have birdie.
The publicist yells at me.

Is that a mousie?
I am encouraged to catch mousies!
I guess I am not really relaxing, am I?

Well somecat has to keep an eye on things around this Farm.
And that cat is ME!

In fact I think it's time for me to do a walkabout.
I have to make sure that everything is safe and sound
And I am going to find that mousie.
Mmmmm, mousie.


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