Thursday, August 14, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Catastic Event Wrap Up

Harry the Farm cat here.
You can see I have my party hat on again.
I am here to tell you all of the winners of the Catastic Event.

It was a great Event and I and the other Farm cats and the publicist thank you all for participating.
AniMeals got some great donations.

Here are all of the lucky winners:

The Catastic Event - Quaker Pet Group Gift Pack -  Leslie, Melissa B., Monique O.

The Catastic Event - Peach Industries -  Max F. 

The Catastic Event - SwiPets Pet Hair Removal Glove - Laurie

The Catastic Event - 6 Bars of Happy Goat Soap -  Wen 

The Catastic Event - Coupon for 40lb Bag of Precious Cat Litter - Christa B.

The Catastic Event - Rattino Cat Scratcher - Beth C

The commentathon garnered 32 comments but the publicist upped the ante and made a $50 donation to AniMeals. They were very happy.

We were very happy to do this for them too. I hope you had as much fun as we did.

I will ask you once more to vote for Sherpa's photo. Last I looked he was in next to the last place. He appreciates all of your votes.


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