Friday, August 8, 2014

Abby Goes a Visitin'

I decided I did not want to just stay in my goat pen so I decided to go visit the publicist in the yurt.
I am AbbyGoat so I can go wherever I want - right?
This place looks like it needs some work.
What is UP with that?

I'd better give it a good inspection.
AbbyGoat is ON THE JOB!
There is an awful lot of cat stuff in this yurt.
Man - those Farm cats have the life.

Everywhere I look there are cat toys, cat beds, loungers, scratchers.
We goats don't have this much stuff.
I think I am going to start a strike.

What do you mean it's time for me to leave?
I am not done with my inspection.
I still have rooms to see!
I still have complaints to make!

OK OK. I get it.
Don't worry though, I'll be back.


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