Sunday, July 13, 2014

Look What the Male Person Brought Just for US!

We love the male person!
Look what he brought for us...

JUST for us.
Can you believe it?
He went into the woods and cut all of this tasty wood.

We have been enjoying it.
Especially little Alex.
He has discovered that he really loves bark.

I don't blame him.
It's very yummy.
He looks like he will butt anyone who tries to take his snack, doesn't he?

AbbyGoat just stared in awe.
She couldn't believe that all of that wood was here for us.

Bernadette was so excited she had to climb to the top!
I think we will have plenty to eat this winter.

What do you mean this is not our food for the winter.
What do you mean it is to heat the yurt?
What do you mean you are going to use this tasty wood for HEAT?!

You humans are CRAZY!
Crazy I maaaaa!


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