Monday, July 7, 2014

Just What is Sherpa the Farm Cat Up to Now?

We ask that question a lot around this Farm don't we?
But that Sherpa is always UP to something.
And he is generally UP!

This time he was UP on the walls.
Looking DOWN.
Not to mention looking a bit imperious.

No one knows what goes through his little cat mind.
But he sure does look comfortable up there doesn't he?

What? Did you want something Sherpa?
None of us can reach you up there.
If you want something you have to come done.

Ooooh, you'd rather stay UP, wouldn't you?
That's fine. Enjoy yourself.

You look somewhat golden up there with the sun behind you.
It almost looks like you could go out the skylight and on to the roof.

If you have a minute the publicist would appreciate your reading a post on her blog - it stars all of the Farm cats.


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