Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's HOT

I am not a happy goat.
It is H.O.T.
And it got hot over night.


One day it was in the 70ies and today it was 95°

I hid in my goat house.
Out of the worst of the sun.

I was getting very relaxed.
The heat will do that to a goat.

In fact I feel like I'm falling aslezzzzzzzzzzz

Oh! I am so sorry!
That was quite a nap.
I did not mean to take it in the middle of blogging.
It was just THAT hot.

Later in the day I went out of my pen to try and cool off.

I sat in the dirt.
Did you know that dirt is very cooling?
It is.
I would not lie.

It felt so good.
I felt like I was going to fall aslezzzzzzzz

I fooled you.
I am not sleeping.

I hope it cools off soon.


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