Thursday, July 17, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Look What Harry The Farm Cat Did

Yesterday Harry the Farm cat was a hunter extraordinaire!
He caught one big fat gopher.

He found it by one of his favorite gopher holes.
He brought it down closer to the yurt.

It was a long, slow walk.
But Harry didn't want to lose his prize.

Then he lay down in the cool grass.
I do not think Alex the goat wanted the gopher though.
He is just very curious about Harry the Farm cat.

Then Harry reveled in his gopher catching greatness.
He rested a bit and then guess what?
He went back hunting!

And he caught ANOTHER gopher!
Two gophers on the same day!
This one was even BIGGER.

He was a SUPERHUNTER wasn't he?
The publicist bought him a very special surprise at the store.

A super sized container of his favorite treats.
I think he earned them, don't you?


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