Friday, July 25, 2014

Catastic Event, Day 7: A Day in the Life of Waffles

Today I am very happy to welcome our good friend Waffles to the blog with a very special guest post about his important work at a Therapy Cat! He goes and visits people to make them feel better. He and Katie also share their adventures in the Townhouse on their blog, Glogirly.  To thank Waffles for sharing his story today the publicist is making a donation to Feline Rescue.

Hi everybuddy, Waffles here.

I was REALLY excited when Pricilla invited me over to her blog! She'a a real live GOAT, you know. Me and the Boss, well we live in the city, so I've never seen a real live goat before. I asked Pricilla what she wanted me to talk about. You know, like should I tell jokes and stuff or maybe teach her how to open up the kitchen cupboards to get the Cheetos out. 

But Pricilla said she wants to know what it's like to be famous therapy cat in-training and travel the country spreading Waffly love.

Therapy Cat In-Training

Lots of my friends know that I've been training to become a Therapy Cat. I still have a few more visits to go on before I become official. I'm working with an organization called Love on a Leash. They have an awesome new website with lots of helpful tips on becoming a therapy pet.

We're a Therapy TEAM
Before we even KNEW about therapy cats and Love on a Leash, Glogirly and I became friends with Spaghetti Bob. We met on Facebook and soon learned he's an honest to goodness purrfessional therapy cat, living right here in Minneapolis. His human has been over to the Townhouse to help train me AND Glogirly.

The most important part of learning how to be a therapy cat is teamwork. In fact, we call ourselves a Therapy TEAM. My job is to make people happy and share my handsomeness and Glogirly's job is to make sure I'm comfortable and safe. There's lots of stuff going on when we're on a visit. Lots of new people, new smells, new sounds. Having Glogirly there makes me feel safe.

We're usually at the nursing home for about an hour. Sometimes I'll go into a resident's room and sometimes I'll ride in my Waffle Wagon through the hallways and lounge areas meeting people along the way. Glogirly keeps close watch over me and always knows when it's time to go home. 

How Do You Know if YOU Might Be a Good Therapy Cat?
1. Friendly and outgoing personality
2. Enjoys people
3. Not easily scared by strange and loud noises
4. At least 1 year-old (...but it's never too early to socialize with new people & places) 

The World Needs More Therapy Cats
Compared to therapy dogs, there are very few therapy cats. Spaghetti Bob is always on the lookout for new therapy cat teams. It breaks our hearts to think of some of the people in nursing homes that can no longer have their cat by their side. And if we can make a difference for even just one person, that's a difference that really matters.

Learn more at Love on a Leash

Celebrity Conference Cat
One of the fringy benefits of being a therapy cat in-training is the training! And part of my training was to attend the BlogPaws Pet Blogging and Social Media Conference in Las Vegas. It was my very first time on an airplane and I had more luggage than even GLOGIRLY! 

And did you know that Pricilla's Publicist was my roommate??? I even crawled under the covers with her. Yeah, everyone at the conference was SUPER jealous. Glogirly says I was the talk of the conference.

And the pawparazzi was everywhere.

See you on the road, everybuddy!

Wasn't that a great story? The publicist said she had great fun rooming with Waffles at BlogPaws. She said he was a very friendly boy. 

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