Wednesday, June 11, 2014

That Male Person is A-OK

The male person has redeemed himself.
You will recall he tried to make us eat ORGANIC GRAIN!**
What was he thinking?
This put him in our very bad graces.

But he is now back to being a very GOOD male person.
What has he done to be so much in our favor again?

Do you see all of those glorious, delicious, tasty green weeds?
He grew a great big patch of them in his garden.
The spiky lettuce weed we love so very much.

He claims they just grew there themselves but I know better.
He did it for us because he know just how much we love those spiky lettuce weeds.
Isn't he the most wonderfullest male person EVER?

The publicist has been pulling them and bringing them to us in the mornings.

My studmuffin does the goat dance of joy when he sees her coming.
He knows he is in for a treat!

He eats his weeds with a smile on his handsome goat face.
Doesn't he look like the happiest weed-eating goat you have ever seen?

The girls all get some too. The publicist is sure to make several piles because some AbbyGoat goat does not like to share.

Yes YOU!
You are a piggie goat and you do not share.
You butt everygoat away.

You are just doing that to prove me wrong.
Trust me, it wasn't friendly for much longer after the photo was taken.
Remember the duel over the grain bucket?

Even the chickens enjoyed the weeks that the male person planted.
They are feeding everyone on the Farm.

That male person is a GREAT GUY!

What about me you ask?
Didn't I get any of the delicious, male person grown snax?
Of course I did.
But the publicist says I have to wait to maaaa to you about my treat.

She CLAIMS I grunt like a pig when I eat my treats.
I find this hard to believe.
I am a ladygoat.

I would NEVER grunt like a pig.
I eat in a very calm and dignified manner.

Well, you will have to wait until Saturday to see this supposed "evidence" and then you can decide for yourselves.


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