Thursday, June 26, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - How Many Farm Cats Do You See?

We were all out grazing the other day.
There is a lot of grazing to do!
I looked over and I saw this:

How many Farm cats do YOU see?
I have goat eyes which are very SHARP!

Here, look a little more closely

Of course you see Sherpa. He is obvious.
Do you see another Farm cat?
Sherpa does.
I do!

Which one?

Why Harry the Farm cat!
He is really hiding in the weeds isn't he?

He looks peaceful there all hidden by the tall grasses, doesn't he?
Uh-oh/ He looks a bit on alert now.
I wonder why?

I should have known!
Run, Harry, RUN!
Sherpa is after you!

The Farm cats are excited to announce another wonderful sponsor for the Catastic Event!
Cattino will be participating.

Image courtesy Cattino
The Farm cats will be showing you just how much fun a Cattino can be!

All of us here on the Farm would like to wish a great big Congratulations to Gabe and Justina - Katie and Waffles' brother and soon to be sister in law as they get married tomorrow. The cats meow, the goats maaaa, the chickens bauck and the humans sing - best wishes to the happy couple!


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