Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wordy Wednesday - I Have Been Immortalized by Famous Artist BZTAT

I was wrong! I was wrong!
The publicist DID bring me home a present from BlogPaws!
She won the most wonderful prize.

I should have known she would not forget me while she was gone.
I should have known.
She LOVES me!

There was a BRILLIANT artist there - BZTAT and she was giving away digital artwork. When the publicist won instead of picking one of the Farm cats to immortalize SHE CHOSE ME!

Isn't it beautiful!
I just love it! I wish I could hang it in my goat house but the publicist says that I would probably just eat it if she printed it off. She is probably right. I do like a nice snack. BURP.

The publicist is thrilled too.
She couldn't believe she had won such a wonderful prize.

If you would like to have your pet painted by a famous artist you can contact BZTAT on her website or find her on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.

I am now even more famous than I was before, aren't I.
Thank you BZTAT for making me look so young and beautiful.
I AM a Happy Goat.


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