Monday, May 26, 2014

We Have a Winner....or Two

I finally got the publicist to get off her chubby butt tail and get things set up so Harry could pick a winner for his giveaway. She really was not too on the ball, was she?

To remind you Harry is giving away a nice prize package of goodies from the swag the publicist brought back from BlogPaws.

He is very excited about sharing.
Aren't you Harry?

You don't look excited...
Oh well....on to picking the winner.
Are you ready?

Harry! Are YOU ready?
Good, let's go!

What is this?!
You cannot pick a winner lying down like that!
Do I have to do everything around here?

OK, OK. What do you want me to do publicist?
These are all the people and cats who entered.
You want me to pick one with my hoof?
You are one crazy woman, but OK
Whatever you say...

And the winner is......

Yay to Stunning Keisha! I know that CK will enjoy the treats.
I want to thank you all for entering.
Harry does too - even if he is still asleep in the sun.
Silly cat!

I am going to the barn now so I can get some sleep. Picking a winner is HARD work!
I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day.

PS - because Harry failed to do HIS job the publicist said there would be another winner. She went to and asked it to pick a number and that winner is: CAROLINA CATS

The publicist will contact both winners for their addresses and send them their prizes.


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