Monday, May 19, 2014

Sherpa Meows, "As a Farm Cat I Agree that Food is Love but I Like Cuddles Too!" #HillsPet

I want you all to know that I have a fantastic life as a Farm cat.
I think you all know this by now as I am not shy about meowing it.

I was thinking the other day - OK, stop laughing now! I think a LOT - I do!
Many pet slaves feel they have to show their love to their owners by feeding them. Maybe feeding them too much. This overfeeding can lead to overweight cats (and dogs) which is not good for the pets or their humans. I know the publicist around here responds to every hurt or ill with food - she does it with us animals and with the male person. She says it how she was brought up so it's what she knows. It drives the male person crazy sometimes! He says that despite what she claims chicken soup does NOT cure everything!

Image courtesy Hill's Prescription Diet

Mind you, I am not complaining because I LOVE getting treats. I, however go outside and run and play and chase mousies and lizards and snakes so I get a lot of exercise. For you kitties who aren't that active it might be a problem if your human overfeeds you.That might lead them to have to look into weight loss for cats (or dogs)!

Oh noes!

It's a good thing that Hill's Prescription Diet has a delicious line of foods and treats to help kitties and doggies who might need to lose some weight. It's their Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution line. Your human can still give you treats and really tasty food even if you need to lose some weight. I know that that the publicist has a hard time resisting "the look." All of us are masters of it and we have her very well trained -  in fact look at what she wrote the other day:

Isn't that Harry just brilliant?  We all have her doing exactly what we want! It's great to be a Farm cat!

That's the beauty of the Hill's Prescription Diet food - even if you are a kitty or doggie that needs to lose some weight your humans can still feel good about feeding you this tasty food. They don't have to worry that they are depriving you. You might not know if you need to take advantage of this food program so Hill's wants to help! The company has a fantastic program to help you and your friends' pets get to the vet for a Wellness Visit.  It's called the Tell a Friend Rebate Program - so if you know a kitty or doggie that hasn't gone to the doctor in a bit or might need a check up by all means encourage them to go - they will get a $25 rebate towards their Wellness Visit and so will you!

How do you take advantage of this program? It's very easy! Just fill out THIS FORM!
Very cool, right! It's very important that kitties and doggies go to the vet for check-ups. None of us like to go but just like humans we need Wellness Checks every year.

I have another great idea!
Let your humans know that there are other things you like as much as treats.

I happen to LOVE pets from the publicist.
She's very good at hitting all of the right spots. I'm not much of a purring cat but she can get me to purr.
I will meow you a secret - the male person cannot get me to purr!

She just has a special touch. Food is Love but I also need my pets.
Don't begin to think you can trade pets for treats though! I still want my treats - don't think that anyone can take them away!

I also like to play with the feather. The publicist tried and tried and tried to get photos of me but I was sneaky. I just jumped and ran too fast for her camera. The bonus to this is that playtime is fun exercise so that if I happen to eat a few too many treats I work them off as I chase the birdie feather.

And afterward I get more of those wonderful pets. Can you tell how much I love them? I am not the only one - ALL of us Farm cats love to be pet and the publicist is very good about making us purr. We missed her when she went away but she has made up for her absence. We made sure of it!

So be sure to keep your pet at a healthy weight but if they aren't you have help from Hill's! Their Prescription Diet food and treats are there to assist in weight loss. Plus there is the new program for a $25 rebate on a Wellness Visit to vet for you and a friend! Just fill out THIS FORM to apply.

Thanks Hill's that's wonderful! Almost as good as a treat. Or a pet.

This post is sponsored by Hill’s and the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Food, but The Maaaaa of Pricilla only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

ps:  Pricilla maaas her thanks for all of the nice comments yesterday. She maaas that she will keep blogging for now. She is glad that you all like reading about the Farm.


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