Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm Late, I'm Late....

I can't believe it!
I'm late!

I have to hurry.
I can't believe I let time get away from me.
I will blame it on the publicist.
EVERYTHING is her fault.

OK - I am in position.
♫♫MaaaMaaaaMaaaaaMAAAAAAA ♫♫

Is my audience here?

Only two?!
It was supposed to be a full field!
I am going to have a maaaaa with my agent.

Oh well, a star ALWAYS performs, no matter the audience.

♫♪ Don't cry for me Happy Goats Farm ♫♪
      The truth is I never left you
      All through my wild days
      My baaaaad existence
      I kept my sanity
♫♪ DO keep your distance* ♫♪

What? I'm performing here.
Don't you know talent when you see it.
My audience is enthralled.

Welll - you interrupted me.
You spoiled the flow. Of course they have stopped paying attention.
They are NOT napping!
How DARE you!

Just because of that I am leaving.
I will go where I am appreciated.
See if I sing here again!

*with all due respect to Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice


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