Thursday, May 15, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - We Are Happy The Publicist is Back from BlogPaws and We Have a Giveaway!

Harry the Farm cat here. As you all know I'm pretty much the SpokesCat around these parts.
I want to meow to you that we are all happy that the publicist is back from that BlogPaws place.
The male person is OK but he does not wait on us hand and paw understand us cats like the publicist does.
He does what HE wants WHEN he wants.
Can you imagine?
It's supposed to be on OUR schedule.

Whatever. Now that the cat slave the publicist is back things are back to the way they are supposed to be. She brought us a LOT of fun stuff I have to meow that. So much stuff that we want to share some of it with you kitties whose humans didn't get to go to BlogPaws.

So come along with me and let me meow to you all about it. The weather has been beautiful here and I've been spending a lot of my time out on the deck. I will ad-meow-it that I can be a greedy cat and I didn't at first agree with the publicist.

But she convinced me that I and the other Farm cats are very, very lucky and we could share. After much petting and the consumption of many treats I have agreed with her and we are going to give away what you see here:

Plus maybe some other surprises. Since the publicist is cheap claims that shipping is expensive I can only offer the giveaway to my furriends in the US. I am sure that there are many of you that would like some yummy treats, food and a mousie. I have not eaten its brains - just so you know.

I am going to relax a bit, have a bath and contemplate my life as a Farm cat.

Or maybe go and look for a post dinner mousie brain snack.
I'm sure you want to know how to win, though, don't you?
I'm going to make it really easy!

If you want to enter just say so in the comments and name the cat for whom you are entering.
I will help the publicist pick the winner next week on Farm Cat Friday (5/23/14).
Sound good?


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