Thursday, May 22, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - A Special Message from the Farm Cats

Pumpkin the Farm cat here today.
I know.
You usually don't hear from me.
I am shy.

I like to sit quietly and watch the world go by.
But sometimes there are important messages that I feel I must meow.
Today I have one of those messages for you.

I have help from Stinky the Farm cat - you don't see her very often either as she is old mature and likes her beauty sleep. We like to let those young cats, Harry and Sherpa do most of the work around here. We are not stupid, are we Stinky?

Whaaaa? Did you meow something Pumpkin.
I'm getting a nice petting here and I didn't hear you.
I am a very spoiled girl. Sitting on the publicist's lap in the sun.

Oh, right! Right! We have work to do today!
Go ahead Pumpkin.
Share our important message!

Sheesh! I have to do everything!
We want to let you all know how important it is to take your pets to the Vet every year for a healthy pet check up. Even if nothing is wrong it's good to have the doctor look us over. Just like you humans go to your doctors once a year we should go too. We may not like it any more than you do but it should be done.

I agree Pumpkin. I don't like the vet AT ALL but I know that I have to go see him and get my shots.
(I don't like shots one bit but I know that since I go outside they protect me.) We both hope you like our message and hope you liked seeing the two of us today.

The very nice people from Healthy Pet are going to send us a nice blanket to sleep on but we feel strongly about this message.


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