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You Might Think Your "Fluffy" Pet is Cute - But is it Healthy? #HillsPet

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Harry the Farm cat, #HillsPet, #spon

Harry the Farm cat here. It seems I am becoming the official SpokesCat on the Farm. I wonder - does this make me a Famous SpokesCat like Pricilla is a Famous SpokesGoat? Does this mean I get a raise?

Whatever! I am here to meow to you some Very Important Information so I would like you to pay attention, OK?  You will remember that last month I meowed to you about overweight cats and how it's not good for your kitties to be plump. It's not healthy for us cats - it can lead to all kinds of problems like heart disease and diabetes just like with you humans. They same can be meowed about doggies. Dogs need to stay at a healthy weight too. Just watch this movie about a nice doggie named Bear:

Wasn't it so sad that poor Bear couldn't even walk around? He was missing out on so much fun. On so much love! He really wasn't living - he was just existing.
Wasn't it WONDERFUL that Bear could be helped with Hill's Prescription Diet Canine Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution? Bear's human was so very happy to have him back active again. As he said, he gained a friend. Isn't that sweet?

You might think it is cute to have fluffy pets; there have been all kinds of photos on the internet about tubby tabbies sitting in front of the TV and things like that but cats are not meant to sit and watch TV. We are hunters! The only good kind of fluffy is this:

Pumpkin the Farm cat, #HillsPet, #spon

Pumpkin is fluffy but in a good way - he has long furs. If your pet is overweight it can impact the relationship you have. If I were plump I wouldn't want to go out and run and catch mousies. All that running and jumping and climbing would hurt my joints and I would end up just lying around.

Harry the Farm cat with mouse, #HillsPet, #spon

But catching mousies is my job on the Farm and I do it well. I wouldn't be a proud Farm cat if I was too heavy to chase them around. I wouldn't make the publicist and male person proud. I would get depressed. I know how easy it is to con the publicist into giving me extra treats - I have "the look" down! -  but she doesn't let any of us eat too much. She makes sure we exercise and eat a healthy diet, mousie brains notwithstanding.

But there are some kitties and doggies who need a little extra help in the weight department and I have some good news for them and for their humans. Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic foods work with a cat's or dog's system so that once they start eating it their metabolism becomes like that of a lean animal. Even after they have lost weight their metabolism maintains that level - isn't that wonderful? Just look at these kitties who started eating the delicious food.

This is a cat name Lennie:

Lennie before Hill's Prescription Metabolic, #HillsPet, #spon
Lennie, before

Lennie after Hill's Prescription Metabolic, #HillsPet, #spon
Lennie, after
And this is a cat named Norman:

Norman before Hill's Prescription Metabolic, #HillsPet, #spon
Norman, before
Norman after Hill's Prescription Metabolic, #HillsPet, #spon
Norman, after

 (Images are courtesy of Hill's Prescription Diet)

Can you believe how good they look? Some of them were getting more food than recommended and they STILL lost weight. I am sure that their humans were thrilled with these results. The kitties were too! They were all bouncy and happy and active again. THAT is how a cat should be. (results after 6 months on the plan)

Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Cat Treats, #HillsPet, #spon
image courtesy Hill's Prescription Diet

Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic foods are available for both kitties and doggies and include dry food, canned food and my favorite - treats. A cat has to have treats. Delicious, crunchy cat treats.

Harry and Sherpa the Farm cats, #HillsPet, #spon

I do hope you enjoyed what I had to meow today. Sherpa the Farm cat never listens to me but hopefully you do.  I trust that if you are a fluffy kitty or know of one you will tell them about this food. They can then get their human to go to the Vet and order the Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic food. A prescription by your Vet is required - it's a very special food!

Harry the Farm cat is On the Job, #HillsPet, #spon

Is that a mousie?
I've got to run now.
I've got work to do! I hope you all have a nice day!

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PS - on behalf of all of the Happy Goats and we Farm cats and the publicist and the male person we want to thank everyone who sent the good thoughts for AbbyGoat. She seems to be doing just fine. We do not know what happened but we are thankful that at least right now she is OK.


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