Sunday, April 13, 2014

What IS it With Kids?

I do not begin to understand them.
I cannot remember back that far.
I am too old.
I cannot imagine I did this.
I am too sensible.

What you ask?

Standing in my food!
The publicist no sooner put the bucket of hay down and up he hopped.
It's not like the view is better from up there.
It's barely a foot off the ground!

Silly kid!
It's certainly not easier to eat his meal from in there.

Even Louise the goat was shaking her head.
That or she didn't want to eat hay with goatprints all over it.

Thelma went over to maaaa at her kid.
But it looks like she got a little distracted!

That's better.
I think she gave him a little nip.

'Cause he hopped down and started acting like a normal goat.
This is one crazy Farm!


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