Monday, April 7, 2014

Up a Tree?

As a hard working Farm cat I go On Patrol every day!
I need to make sure that I keep the mousies at bay.
Not to mention snack on their delicious brains.

To do this right I cover a lot of ground on the Farm.
And some other places.

I have been known to climb a tree or two.
I get a good view from up there.
I can spot mousies or even better - gophers!

The male person does not like gophers.
Especially in his garden.
So I make sure to find them wherever they might be!

I survey in all directions.
I am a diligent Farm cat!
What's that?

Time to go!
I never know what I might find, but I will keep looking......

Wherever it takes me!
Stay tuned.


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