Sunday, April 27, 2014

Intruders in the Grazing Fields?

As I mentioned on Saturday we were all out enjoying the sunshine and grazing.
But we were not alone!
There were INTRUDERS in our grazing areas!
Can you believe such a thing?
I would not lie!

Do you see?
Sherpa the Farm cat thinks he's hiding but we can see him.
Silly Sherpa!

What does he think he is doing?
He is not a goat!
Hey! Harry the Farm cat is here too.

WHAT is going on?

Thelma and Alex were munching on a weed tree - yes there is one in the gully so we can still have our tasty treat!
Look who is there!

Is there no where we goats can go to get away from these Farm cats?
Thelma and Alex decide to go somewhere else.
Maybe up where AbbyGoat is grazing.

She seems to be Farm cat free...AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!
Do you see?
Even AbbyGoat can't graze alone!
Stinky the Farm cat is spying on her.

What?! Now Harry is even EATING our weeds!
Harry they are our weeds - you go find a mousie.

I don't care that you want to lounge in the cool, green grass.
Where am I you ask?

I am not a stupid goat.
I am keeping far, far away from those theiving Farm cats.

They will not bother me here!
I am safe!


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