Thursday, April 3, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Stubby Stops By

Stubby the Farm cat is a roamer.
He comes.
He goes.
He comes again.
The publicist says he has another home.
But he always comes back here and visits.

He popped in the other night and stayed a couple of days.
I suspect he likes the food.
And the attention.

He came in and went to sleep on the clean laundry.
He looks quite comfy, doesn't he?
The publicist said it made it hard to sort her socks.

So she gave up and she sat down.
So he moved into her lap!
That Stubby knows how to sleep!

"What? A roamin' cat has a busy day. I need my naps," meowed Stubby
"I go hither.
I go yon.
It takes a lot of energy.

So I nap.
What is WRONG with that?"
In fact it's time for another one.

But first a bath.
A cat needs to be clean.
"I have the life"

I would have to agree with him.
Stubby has it made.
He is a happy cat.

The same can not be said for ALL of the Farm cats.....


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