Monday, April 28, 2014

AbbyDay - I Have the Sads

It's another AbbyDay - I think all days should be AbbyDays but the publicist disagrees with me so I guess I have to take what I can get.

As you all know I have not been well.
I was feeling a little better and I maaaed that I was keeping my secrets.
Well, one of my secrets would not stay kept and now I am sad.
My kid is dead.
The publicist and the male person helped it come into this world and they took it away from me.
I don't know where they put it.
I guess that is for the best.
But I will admaaa-t that I am feeling much better since it left me.
I have the sads but sometimes these things happen.

Now the publicist says I have to eat, eat, eat and gain some weight.
She says I am too thin.
She says I have had a rough winter.
I think she is right but don't tell her I maaaaed that.

For now I am enjoying all of the tasty hay she keeps feeding me.
Not to mention the apples.
She keeps feeding me apples to try and "cheer me up."
I do like apples.

I am also enjoying all of the scratches and pets I am getting.
I don't let on but I do like to be pet.
I know - you are probably surprised by this.

I would not though, start spreading rumors that I have gotten soft.
I am still AbbyGoat.

Got it!


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