Friday, April 18, 2014

A Big Thank you from AbbyGoat

I would like to maaaa my thanks to everyone that was worried about me.
I am not maaaaaing what was wrong.
It's my secret to keep.

I don't like worrying the publicist like that and I am sorry I did it.
I am going to try my best to not do it again.
I do not like to see her cry.

I am getting lots of attention now so I must admaaa-it that I do like that.
Getting scratched is very nice.

I am back to eating normally.
I am also back to not sharing my hay.
I am looking skinny I think so I need to eat it all.
Pricilla can find her own!

I am back to butting things.
Like Harry the Farm cat.
Hee hee.

And I am back to grazing on the nice green grass.
I am AbbyGoat.

And I am keeping my secrets.....


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